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Zimmi will help you find your new supply chain partners! Have a product or service you wish to acquire a new supply source from our database of over 20 million businesses? It’s easy! Here’s how it works:

Submit your supplier request to us, along with any specifications you require.

Step 1

Our Zimmi search experts will look through our proprietary database of over 20 million B2B businesses to find the most qualified new supply sources that will meet your needs and specifications requirements.

Step 2

Our Zimmi sourcing team will execute formal RFx with the potential supplier candidates, and return to you with a list of the most qualified suppliers for the product or service you’re seeking for, along with their full contact information.

Step 3

If you request, our Zimmi sourcing team can place PO’s on your behalf and provide you with logistical support to ensure efficiency in your transaction with the new supply chain.

Step 4

Why Zimmi ?

Find new suppliers using Zimmi’s proprietary database of over 20 million businesses from more than 200 countries. Most of these companies cannot be found using Google or other search engines.

Zimmi has 64 million unique supplier search terms to help us quickly identify your potential new suppliers.

Zimmi’s eSourcing capabilities allow our team to execute RFx’s quickly on your behalf and provide pre-qualified suppliers back to you within 10 days of your request.

Try us out now, risk-free! We offer you our service in a 100% free trial:

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Let us help you find your new supply chain. If you can't find it, Zimmi will!

Zimmi will help you to find you new ideal supply chain partners, plus other additional benefits:

Build resiliency with alternate global supply solutions.

Drive cost-saving benefits by building competition from new supply chain partners.

Enable innovation by finding new supplier capabilities.

Drive growth despite current supply constraints.

Zimmi Global Sourcing

Let us help you diversify your supply chain to include qualified new vendors from multiple countries and regions. This will create many benefits, including:

  • Supply chain resiliency helps to minimize product disruptions.
  • Reduction in costs. Adding suppliers often leads to reduction in costs.
  • Innovative ideas. Interacting with new suppliers can bring fresh ideas to the table, which can give you an advantage over competitors not using innovative new products, ingredients, parts, supplies, or services.
  • Increased Production Capacity. By activating qualified new suppliers, you will increase the overall capacity of your supply chain.

Try Us Out For Free!

We offer you our service in a 100% free trial:

  • Tell us what product you’d like us to look up in our database of 20 million businesses.
  • We’ll do our in-depth research and prepare for you a full report on the different vendors available for the specific product you’re seeking.
  • You can engage directly with the vendors to place your order, or use us as a broker to make the deal happen for you quickly.
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Find your new supplier, risk-free